5 ways a recruitment agency can help you choose your career

Working with a recruitment agency when you’re choosing a career is a powerful and effective way to find a job. A good recruitment consultant has access to more jobs than you. They know which skills companies are looking for, and they help you prepare for crucial interviews.​

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With a good recruitment consultant on your side, you can focus on preparing to impress your next potential employer. Here are five things to consider when using a recruitment agency to help you choose your career.

1. List your skills

Invest time in listing the skills you bring to the table. Think about tasks you’ve completed, then think about the skills you used to achieve each task.

You can also include interests or passions outside the office, including personal achievements and voluntary work.

This list will help recruiters to identify transferable skills and suggest potential careers that match your ability.

2. Know what’s out there

Choosing a career is a lot easier when you understand the job market. Use job websites, look at company career pages and sign up to job alerts to get a feel for the kind of roles that interest you.

A recruitment agency will ask you to name some companies and jobs that make you excited. Your answer can speed up the process, taking you one step closer to your new career.

Do your research - make a list of jobs and companies that interest you

3. Get trained up

Finding the right career is dependent on the skills on your CV. Once you’ve listed your skills and seen what companies are looking for, you can choose which skills to work on.

Blogs, web videos and even online university courses have made it easier than ever to develop the skills you need for your chosen career.

A good recruitment consultant can guide your training by identifying the skills or training most relevant to your career. They can also let you know which skills are in demand and which are likely to become valuable in the future.

4. Be decisive

Once you’ve done your research and made your choice, stick to your guns.

There are thousands of careers, so it’s important not to get distracted by jobs that don’t meet what you want. Choosing a new career is hard work – you’ve done your research and identified your skills, so be confident in the choices you’ve made.

Be clear with your recruitment consultant and explain your decisions, then they can help you realise your vision.  

Your recruitment consultant can help highlight in-demand skills on your CV

5. Building relationships

Working with a recruitment agency when choosing a career is a two-way street. It’s an opportunity to build a great relationship with your consultant, who can be pivotal in getting you in front of the right companies.

Make sure you’re reliable and always easy to contact. Timing can be crucial in the recruitment process, so you want your consultant to be confident that they can put you in front of their clients.

Your next steps

To start your journey to finding your new career, follow these steps: