Using LinkedIn to find a job

Hints and tips for using LinkedIn for your job search and keeping it private

Everyone's situation is different when it comes to searching for a new job, and sometimes it's best if no-one around you knows you're on the lookout. If so, there are a few things you can do to find a job using LinkedIn and open yourself up to being approached for new roles.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Make sure your profile is completely up to date and includes a good amount of relevant information and searchable keywords from your past few jobs and experiences. A full profile means a recruiter is more likely to be able to find you, and get a better impression of your suitability for any vacancies they may have.

If you want to keep your job-hunting to yourself, make sure to amend the setting that notifies your network of profile updates.

Join relevant groups

Join any relevant groups on LinkedIn that are of interest to you or target employers, and get involved in any discussions that are going on in them. The more you can be active on those, the more noticed you'll be. Many recruiters are also in key industry groups, so you could catch their attention by showing off how much you can contribute.

Connect with recruiters

Connecting with specialist recruiters on LinkedIn is also a good way to go, as once you've done this, and perhaps exchanged a message or two, they'll be on your side and on the scout out for you. Make sure you tell them what sort of job you're looking for, and if they get that sort of thing in, they'll be in touch with you.

Again, privacy settings are your friend: if you're connecting with a bunch of recruiters, it's probably best to make sure your connections aren't visible on your profile.

Use your contacts

Also reach out to your list of contacts, to see who may be hiring, and whether any good words could be put in for you anywhere. Still the most successful way of securing a job is through someone you know, so do use your extended network – former colleagues, friends of friends, or other connections you have. When you get in touch, just explain that you're trying to keep it quiet that you're on the lookout, but that you'd appreciate any assistance they can give.

Remember who's watching…

With all your activity, bear in mind that LinkedIn is an open social site, so, as stated above, be sure to check your privacy settings before you follow these tips.